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Our Camps

Outdoor adventures for homeschooled teens.

We run lifechanging 5-day outdoor camps for homeschool and online school students.

Students make deep connections with others as they challenge themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Learn more about us here.

Homeschool teens hiking Zion National Park

Our Team

By homeschool graduates, for homeschooled students.

We're young, and we understand exactly the types of challenges these students are facing. We come from a background of homeschool and online school, and we wouldn't be half the people we are today if we hadn't had a resource like Soqotra. Apply as a staff member of get to know us here.


We give students a week of connection, exhaustion, and elevation. Students who attend generally come home feeling like new people — happier, more mature,  and more self-aware. Learn more and read our mission statement here.

A community, not a corporation. 

Our Mission

"I signed up for this trip knowing I would get a break from my usual routine… not knowing how much I would learn about myself. I learned how to remove unnecessary pressure from my life and everyone helped to make my life more enjoyable. DO NOT ever try to talk yourself out of something that might be good for you. I grew to love so many people and created individual and group bonds. My comfort zone practically didn’t exist this past week. With all of the encouragement and goal setting I found it much easier to do. The group of people I met happened to make me feel like the luckiest person in the world. I can’t wait to make many more memories with each of you. Thank you for changing my life."

Gracie, 16 - Student

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