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Our mission is to encourage students to overcome personal obstacles through human connection and challenging outdoor experiences, helping them to become purposeful, proactive, and altruistic.

Why Soqotra?

pronounced "soe-koe-truh"

Our Namesake

Soqotra Adventures is named after an island off the coast of Yemen (also Socotra, but more correctly transliterated as Soqotra: سقطرى). Often called the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, this beautiful island is the home of over 600 endemic species found nowhere else on earth. In recent civil war and political upheaval in The Republic of Yemen (which governs Socotra), the island has remained a rather peaceful domain. 

Like its namesake, Soqotra Adventures seeks to create a home in nature for hundreds of unique students. Soqotra camps aren't like other homeschool camps or outdoors recreation camps - we're not pushing a religious or political agenda or appealing to masses of students. 

Instead, we are building a community for homeschooled students and other high school students in unique educational circumstances. These camps are a place where students can feel a sense of belonging, individuality, and make lasting friendships. Soqotra is a place of refuge from the chaos and noise of the world. 

2 Problems.

Homeschooled students (and humans in general) face two daunting problems. From our experience, we have learned the solutions, and they are the core of our curriculum. 

homeschool students rappelling zion

Feeling Isolated

Students get lonely. Loving parents put them in clubs, sports, and groups, but that's just social stimulation. Your student needs deep, authentic, human connection. Deep connection comes from 2 things: experiencing hard things together and being vulnerable. At Soqotra, we create the perfect environment for students to make lasting friendships.

homeschool students hiking zion

Feeling Stuck

Stuck indoors, stuck in one way of thinking, stuck in tough circumstances. Whatever the cause, we can all feel stuck sometimes. The solution is twofold: get outside and think deeply. At Soqotra, students journal, meditate, do yoga, and have several uninterrupted hours of alone time — perfect for introspection and inspiration. 


Ready to get started?

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